Darius Büsch is a Director / DP & Editor from Duesseldorf Germany. In his early years, he noticed that visual composition not only brought him joy but would likely play a significant role in his life. Early on, he began shaping his own aesthetics, transitioning from editorial to editorial, and realizing that the realm of "Fashion" allowed him to express himself most effectively. What sets him apart as a director is the ability to magnify small stories and weave a cohesive and beautiful narrative even in the smallest production. In 2021 he founded “sendmeyourlove” a production company based in Düsseldorf.

01 NUMERO NETHERLANDS / Raised by the wolves


Date: 10/23
Location: Berlin
Client:NumeroNetherlands Director:Darius Buesch CreativeDirector:Dou Qianlin Photographer:Qiao Jingxiong Cinematographer:Lucas Hofer Stylist:Peninah Amanda Editor:Jonas Baumgärtel FirstAC:Silas Müller Hair:Tobias Sagner Makeup:Maria Ehrlich
SetDesigner:Carlotta Phelan Casting director:Momo Zhang
LightingAssistant:David Jäger StylingAssistant:Tim Reimann, Sophia Bogner Production:Liza Krysachenko ProductionAssistant:West Cho
Talents:Benjamin Vansteenberghe, Aleksander Łukowski, Fynn Loeffler, Jason Fejiro, Felix Lander & Anton Emrich

20-10/1998 DB